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Why submit your music for feedback?

  • Finish your track

    Finishing a track is probably the most common problem of music producers. Feeling stuck? Wondering if it's done? Unsure about the mixing? Get answers and get unstuck.

  • Boost your inspiration

    There's nothing like hearing your favorite artist praise your demo or give you constructive actionable feedback. Motivation for days!

  • Improve your musical skills

    Artists will share personal tips and tricks with you and general advice on the creative process that will help with your productions for your whole life.

Featured artists

  • GiGi FM

  • Konx-om-Pax

  • Boys Noize

  • Setaoc Mass

  • Efdemin

  • Adam Pits

  • Ayesha

  • Ciel

"It's truly very comprehensive, covering aspects I hadn't even thought of or knew about. It's great to have a fresh set of professional ears, especially for new artists like me." Arnaldocapo

"Thank you Stimming for your helpful feedback, its really encouraging that i am moving in the right direction." DENT

"Really enjoyed the video response format. It felt organic and personal, and Jon touched on all the points I mentioned" Synkopated

"Can't believe you got back so fast. Submitted the review last night and woke up this morning with a response." Montycarlo

How does demo feedback work?

Get personalized feedback on your music from the best artists.

  • 1 Pick an artist Browse our roster to choose an artist you'd love to send your music to.
  • 2 Share your demo Upload your track and tell the artist why you're sending this demo to get the most helpful feedback.
  • 3 Get feedback Receive a private feedback video message from the artist—straight to your Echio account.
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When using Echio you're supporting artists directly as they get 80% of what you pay.

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