The Echio Quizz with Principles of Geometry

How did you learn music and did you have mentors?

I learned music from scratch and while listening to several discs and artists.

If you were not making music what would you do?

I guess if I wasn't making music, I'd be sleeping all day.

If you could spend a day in the studio with one of your heroes, who would it be?

I guess making beats with Sean and Rob from Autechre it would be a really, really sweet.

What is your secret weapon ?

My secret weapon is Roland SH-101 which is a kind of bass synthesizer analogic really versatile, really simple, fast to play with. And a real pleasuredome.

Any ritual before creating music?

Sadly, cigarettes and coffee.

What was your worst / funniest performance experience?

Our first show in Scopitone in Nantes when we crashed our computer in front of hundreds of people, but they were really cool and they didn't kill us.

What would you say to your younger self?

Okay, two things. First, you’re a scammer don't ask you the question and another one. Have a look to this stock of this new thing Google and take some could be great.

Principles of Geometry

We're Principles of geometry. We're making some electronic music. We're part of the Tigersushi family.