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Direct feedback from the best

Do you feel stuck with a track? Wonder if it is really finished? Unsure about your mix? How about asking one of your heroes? The new 'Demo Feedback' feature lets you share your music with your favorite artists and get a personalized feedback video!

How does it work?

  • 1 : Pick an artist

    Browse our roster to choose an artist you'd love to send your music to.

  • 2 : Send your demo

    Via a Soundcloud link and tell the artist why you're sending this demo to get the most helpful feedback.

  • 3 : Get feedback

    Receive a private feedback video message from the artist—straight to your Echio account.

Some artists already accepting demos

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  • artist-image


  • artist-image


  • artist-image

    Luigi Tozzi

  • artist-image


  • artist-image

    Alan Braxe

  • artist-image


  • artist-image

    DMX Krew

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