The Echio Quizz with Warn Twice

Any ritual before creating music?

Before each of my studio sessions I listen to a jazz tape. At that moment is Bud Powell. Let’s play it.

If you were not making music what would you do?

I love cooking. Radish carpaccio Roasted potatoes burnt beetroot vodka oyster butter

What is your secret weapon ?

My secret weapon or my most used machine. Is the DX7 It’s a FM synth It used to belong to Sentiments And here I was actually just preparing a track.

What’s the special object in your studio that you can’t live without ?

The thing I can’t not live without in my studio. My bed.

What would you tell to your younger self ?

Don’t be shy. The world is yours already.

Warn Twice

Sirens, alarms, horns, whatever their name is. Nestled countless meters from the ground, those sounds mark the imminent arrival of glitched Internet voices and incessant Baltimore break beats.