How to do livestream with Patreon (and other similar platforms)?

As the web is expanding, the number of platforms to connect with your fans is growing exponentially. If you have a fanbase that pays for recurring content on a monthly basis on platforms such as Patreon or even Bandcamp, it can be complicated to offer them new, high value type of content such as video livestreaming without charging them additional expenses.

At Echio we created an easy solution for you to import your fanbase from another platform and offer them livestreaming for free.

How does it work? It is ultra simple, just follow those 3 steps.

1 - Export your fanbase from Patreon, Bandcamp…

Most of the current platforms offer a solution to export your lists of paid subscribers into a spreadsheet format (.csv) which contains the email address. You can do that on Patreon or even Bandcamp.

2 - Import your fanbase into Echio using the importer tool :

3 - Schedule a session and let your fanbase know that they will be able to access your content created on Echio for free.

Even if they don't have an Echio account already, when they create one and connect to one of your sessions, they will be recognised and won't have to pay to enter the session.